The purpose of the blog is to identify, examine, and evaluate the technology used at the Baderman Island Resort. The company uses various forms of technology to disseminate information, conduct meetings, and provide its employees with education and training. This blog will focus on the use of technology in education and training. In addition, this blog will include a discussion the manner in which technology is managed by the resort and its parent company and addresses concerns about the use of Web 2.0 tools. Finally, the authors of the blog suggest upgrades and changes necessary to provide better integration of technology for the company's education and training programs.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Management of Technology at Baderman Island Resort

Bademan Island Resort Employee Internal Website – This tool is used only by Baderman employees and is currently managed by Boardman Management Group Human Resources.  Information provided on this internal website includes information about resort job postings, Baderman employee benefits, the history of Baderman Island, current events, Boardman Corporate University educational offerings, and much more.  Also provided is the schedule of Boardman Corporate University courses including classes, dates & times, and details about course access and availability.
Power Point Presentations –PowerPoint presentations are developed, revised, and managed by Boardman Corporate University.   Instructors use these presentations as a tool in each class whether in face-to-face format or online.  Podcasts recorded during face-to-face training sessions are archived for future reference.  Posted on the employee internal website, employees may access and view them at any time.
E-mail - The communication tool is available to all management and employees and is constantly monitored by an area in the security department.  Due to all employees positions do not include a constant use of a computer; there is more communication tools used. 
Text Messaging – This communication tool is used frequently, but its use is limited.  Many positions in the resort do not include ready access to a computer, but employees still need to communicate with each other.  Management has set the rules and guidelines that should be used when co-workers text each other for business matters.  No personal texting is allowed during work hours unless there is an emergency.  Management has been provided with cell phones for texting on the job.  Text messaging is monitored by the IT security department.  
Instant Messaging – This communication tool is used for those employees whose position includes the use of a computer.  The employees are able to communicate with each other and members of the management team to communicate information about immediate issues and to ask quick questions.  Instant messaging is also monitored by the IT security department and its manager.  If needed, a manager may request a copy of an instant messaging conversation within a 90 day time frame. 
Podcast – Face-to-face training sessions are recorded and archived for future reference.  Archived podcasts are posted on the Baderman Island Resort Employee Internal Website and are available to employees at any time.  The management team may use archived podcasts as tools in re-training activities when performance deficiencies are discovered.  These podcasts are managed by the Boardman Corporate University.  They post podcasts to the company intranet and are responsible for providing necessaru updates to the material taught in the training classes. - Live presentations of online classes and training are provided on this website.  Also managed by Boardman Corporate University, this allows employees to access classes via the Internet, participate in the appropriate presentations, identify and interact with other students, and hear the instructor as he or she teaches.  Student access requires a 1-800 number and a pass code.

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